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      Chemical composition formula (C2H5O)2n+2SiOn-1
      Voluntary Standards HG3-994-76
      Silicon Dioxide Content(%) 28~29
      Free Acid(HCL)%≤ 0.01
      Density (g/cm3) 0.929~0.936
      Low Distillation Cut(110℃)% ≤1
      Quality Index also can produce according to customer demand.
      Physical Chemical Properties Under the normal atmospheric temperature, it is colorless or yellowish transparent liquid and can emit a strong smelly odor similar to the ether. Can dissolve each other with such organic solvents as the ethanol, acetone,etc., can hydrolyze with water and react to produce the silicic acid sol and emit heat; becomes muddy among moist air and becomes clear and nonpoisonous after being static.
      Application Ethyl Silicate Series Products are widely used in many industries, such as the machine manufacturing, top-grade anti corrosion painting & heat resistant paint, organic synthesis, telecommunication machine industry and so on.
      Precautions Although Ethyl silicate series product is a kind of non-toxic product, it is chemical raw material after all, so should avoid contacting the skin or take in the body. If such things happened, should wash with water in time. Packaging & Transportation: this product is put in dry and clean and sealed white drum or plastics in 200 liters, can carry on the packaging according to user's demand . Because this product is a kind of flammable liquid in the course of storing, it should store accord with the combustible and flammable liquid regulation; should store in shady, cool, dry and ventilate place, keep away from the fire source and heat source, the illumination, oxidant and alkali. Keep container airtight at ordinary times, in side the container may have the internal pressure, so should be careful when open it in order to make the internal and external pressure unanimous.

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      LongTai Chemical

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