Concerning Birthday Party Games and Amusements

Turning to another aspect of a perfect birthday, we look to the area of entertainment. How do you top what Olo Bunce of Brockenborings did when he invited a pair of mannish bards to play a brand new birthday song at his grandson's coming-of-age party? Well, take heart. These are a few games and amusements that will have them begging for invitations to next year's party even before they've said "Happy Birthday" this year!

As Professor Tolkien wrote in his mighty tomes THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Halflings love to party. They enjoy any excuse to get together and play games and eat. Here is a list of the favorite party games from Hobbiton and Bree:

Secret Scavenger Hunt: This is one of my personal favorites. It requires some preparation from the host/hostess, but it is marvelous fun! The party-giver takes a dozen or so objects--these can be unusual, or commonplace, and hides them in a room. The trick is that they must be hidden in plain sight, just somewhere unexpected. They give their guests a list of the objects to be found, and the hunters look for the items on their list. When an item is found, it is checked off, but not moved. It is part of a hunter's job not to let on where an item is, however, everyone gets to look for them in the same place. The first person to find all the items gets to choose from a pile of prizes. Each person after him chooses in turn. Everyone gets a prize, and a fun time is had by all--including the host, who gets the enjoyment of hiding the items. (This is an Easter Egg Hunt for adults, and no one laughs at you for enjoying it!)

Biggest Birthday Greeting: Here is a chance for all the extravagant storytellers to shine. The first guest tells the Birthday Hobbit "I was coming to give you your birthday greeting when __________________" and proceeds to account some outrageous event that occurred on the way to the party. The second guest says "Well, that was rare indeed, but when I was coming to give you your birthday greeting ________________," and tries to top the first guest's story. The game is over when a guest cannot think of a story to top the last one. The winner of the game is the guest who stumps the line. (I advise forbidding Mungo Sandybanks of Frogmorton from playing if anyone else wants a chance--he's won the last fifteen contests I've been party to. Make him the judge.)

Pass the Parcel: Wrap a bar of chocolate (or some other gift), in a layer of paper.  Now wrap it in another layer and repeat until you have about 10 layers.  Finally wrap it in gift paper (so it looks nice).  Sit everyone in a circle and play a short snippet of music.  When the music stops, the person holding the parcel removes ONE layer of wrapping. Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed. The winner, who unwrapped the last layer, keeps the present. A fun variation of the above is to write a forfeit inside each layer that the un-wrapper must perform. (for example: Sing a song, Eat a teaspoon of Mustard, have your belly button filled with water).

[This game was found on The Party Games Ideas Resource Page a really fun site for lots more game ideas]