You Shoulda Been There!

Bilbo Baggins' Birthday Party Shocks All of Hobbiton

I am reporting to you live from the scene of what has to have been the most spectacular Birthday Party in the history of Hobbiton. (Okay... maybe it's not really live... because I am writing this at home in my hole with a quill that was MY birthday gift from the famous Mr. Baggins... but it is a first-hand account of the marvels that occurred.)

The party had been in the planning stages for weeks, as every hobbit from Bywater to Bree and beyond is aware, but for those few who had to miss the festivities, here's what happened. You may have heard the story of the eccentric Mr. B, and how he went off to find dragon's treasure with a bunch of dwarves. Well, let me tell you--he spread around some of that treasure in creating this year's birthday bash that is for sure!

To begin, it was Bilbo Baggins' eleventy-first birthday, a most auspicious number. It was also his nephew/cousin/ward Frodo Baggins' thirty-third birthday--the day he came of age, and took his rightful place as most eligible bachelor in Hobbiton, I might add.

To properly say "Happy Birthday" to both, Bilbo planned a celebration that rivals anything that has ever been seen in the history of Hobbiton--indeed, of the whole Shire. I personally know five or six musicians who spent weeks working on their birthday song for the banquet. Everyone in the surrounding county was invited to the general celebration. Food was brought in from exotic places like Lake-town and Rivendell. As well as every kitchen in the Shire busy as fiends.

Not only food either: the best musicians were hired; new tables and chairs commissioned; silverware polished; fireworks--Gandalf's fireworks--arrived in a cart. Nothing but the biggest and the best. Quite a nice birthday greeting, if you ask me.

The day of the party was beautiful--blue skies after a threat of rain the day before, and warm as toast for September. Guests began arriving at dawn, and the food and beer flowed out like a river. Presents--oh, the presents! The best birthday gifts ever seen in the Shire. Some of them dwarven-crafted, others with elven runes. And when the darkness fell, fireworks like nothing you've ever seen! Pictures in light, they were.

But the strangest bit of the day was when Bilbo literally disappeared in a clap of thunder. I always knew there was a bit of the wizard in the old rascal somewhere. Frodo was polite and all getting his guests home, but I think he was just as surprised as the rest of us to see his uncle poof away like that. It was a birthday party never to be forgotten by any who attended. That's the truth of it!